Riccardo Frizza does not forget

A regular guest of the Teatro Regio di Torino, the conductor Riccardo Frizza will conduct the Holocaust Memorial Day Concert on 27 January 2023 in Turin. In this regard, he states: “While remembrance of what happened is a universally shared legacy that is marked every year on this memorial day, I personally feel the need to keep alive the memory of the horror within the horror that denied freedom of thought and appropriated the right to marginalise and even eliminate artists and works that were not “in order”. “ He chose a Mendelssohn’s overture which was banned during the years of Nazism, Schubert‘s unfinished symphony to evoke the incompleteness of lives interrupted by the Shoah and Shostakovich‘s Ninth Symphony as an ironic foil to the powers that be.


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(c) Simone Falcetta