A getaway in Puglia with the Festival della Valle d’Itria

A getaway in the great south of Italy to discover an exceptional festival that will celebrate its 46th anniversary in the 2020 edition. The “Festival della Valle d’Itria” is distinguished by bold musical choices aimed at the rediscovery of little-known operas or forgotten in the constant concern of a quality noticed each year. The international music critic is unanimous in thanking her.

The small town of Martina Franca, located on a plateau of the “Murges” which brings a little freshness even in the middle of summer, is a Baroque jewel that strolls on foot, places in churches, cloisters in alleys. In the surroundings, the round village of Locorotondo dominates the olive groves, the “trulli” and the numerous “masseries” which produce oil, cheese and famous charcuterie. Finally, a few hours away, Lecce, the Baroque capital of Puglia is an elegant city whose white and malleable stone allows incredible wealth in the ornamentation of buildings.

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