Exceptional trip during the Münchner Opernfestspiele

Munich is an exceptional city with a unique diversity of museums, historic monuments and parks. But for music lovers, there is only the Bayerische Staatsoper, rightly considered as the best stage in the world today. The luxury of the distributions speaks for itself especially during the Münchner Opernfestspiele, the festival that presents the best of the season!

The program of this exceptional stay, Otello de Verdi is performed by one of the greatest tenors in the role, Gregory Kunde who has partnered with the divine and moving Anja Harteros. The next day, Jonas Kaufmann who excels in the refined exercise of melody and Lied gives a singing recital accompanied by Helmut Deutsch. Emotions assured!

Another privilege of the stay, a private guide takes you to discover Munich on a theme of your choice (Modern Munich, Munich, capital of the Nazi movement, Museums of Munich, On the footsteps of Napoleon, founder of the Kingdom of Bavaria, From Gothic to Rococo).

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