Finally a good concert hall in Munich!

The event went almost unnoticed, but on 8 October 2021 Munich inaugurated the Isarphilharmonie, its new ephemeral concert hall!

The paradox is well known. Unlike its rival Berlin, Germany’s musical capital, which has a superlative opera house and some of the best orchestras in the world, can only accommodate them in the Gasteig, which has very poor acoustics. Aware of this problem, the municipality, with the support of the Bavarian Prime Minister, has closed the hall for a renovation that could take almost ten years.

In the meantime, an industrial building located on the outskirts of Munich, downstream from the river Isar, has been fitted out to receive 1,900 spectators on concert nights. The acoustics were designed by Yasuhisa Toyota, famous for the Philharmonie de Paris and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. According to the audience and the artists, it is a new success. There are temporary things that last…


Photographie : Munich © Unsplash / Jan-Antonin Kolar